Kenmore Freezer Not Freezing (Discover Quick Fixes That Work)

Is your Kenmore freezer not freezing? If so, you’re not alone. This is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of things.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons why a Kenmore freezer might not be freezing properly, and we will provide some troubleshooting tips so you can fix the problem yourself.

Got a freezer full of thawing food because your Kenmore freezer has stopped freezing? Don’t panic!

In many cases, freezer cooling issues can be fixed with simple troubleshooting and repairs. Follow this guide to get your Kenmore freezer back to freezing temp fast.

Kenmore Freezer Not Freezing

A malfunction in the defrost system is the primary reason behind this condition. The defrost heater is activated multiple times during the day in order to eliminate any frost buildup on the coils of the freezer evaporator.

Common Causes of a Kenmore Freezer Not Freezing

If your Kenmore freezer is at room temperature and not cooling at all, here are some of the most likely causes:

1. Power Supply Issue

  • Tripped breaker or blown fuse interrupting power
  • Unplugged or faulty outlet
  • Unit accidentally unplugged or power cord damaged

2. Thermostat Problems

  • Frozen or stuck thermostat
  • Faulty thermostat preventing cooling cycles

3. Condenser Coil Dirt Buildup

  • Dust or debris reducing airflow over coils
  • Coils may need cleaned and vacuumed

4. Condenser Fan Failure

  • Fan motor burned out or jammed
  • Failed fan blade or casing cracks

5. Refrigerant Leak

  • Small leak in sealed system causing low refrigerant
  • Only trained HVAC tech can repair leaks

Pinpointing the exact cause is key to getting your Kenmore freezer working again.

Step-by-Step Kenmore Freezer Troubleshooting

Follow these steps to diagnose freezer cooling failures:

1. Verify Power Supply

Check the power source first. Reset tripped breakers, replace blown fuses, or plug into a working outlet. Test voltage with a multimeter. Restore power if disrupted.

2. Inspect Condenser Coils

Unplug the freezer and pull it out. Visually inspect the condenser coils for dirt buildup. Use a vacuum with brush to clean if very dusty.

3. Check Condenser Fan

Spin the condenser fan blade manually to confirm operation. Replace the fan motor if the blade doesn’t spin freely.

4. Test Components

Check the thermostat, defrost timer, and control board with a multimeter. Replace any faulty parts.

5. Monitor Temperatures

Verify the freezer isn’t cooling by monitoring with a thermometer. Call for pro service if all components test fine but temperatures remain high.

6. Reset Thermostat

If freezing improves after a thermostat reset, the thermostat may be sticking. Replace a faulty thermostat.

Following these troubleshooting steps methodically can help isolate the true cause of a non-freezing Kenmore freezer.

DIY Kenmore Freezer Repairs

Many common Kenmore freezer problems like clogged condenser coils or a stuck thermostat can be repaired at home without special tools:

  • Cleaning Dirty Condenser Coils – Use a vacuum hose with brush attachment to remove debris clogging the coils.
  • Replacing Condenser Fan – Unplug wiring to the fan motor and mount the new fan with screws. Make sure blades spin freely.
  • Installing New Thermostat – Disconnect old thermostat wiring and snap in the replacement following wire colors.
  • Replacing Control Board – Detach all wire harnesses on old control board and transfer to the new board.

For DIY repairs, always unplug the freezer, wear gloves, and follow precautions in the user manual.

Professional Repairs Required

While some freezer failures can be tackled as DIY projects, the following issues require certified HVAC technicians:

  • Refrigerant Leaks – Only professionals can safely repair leaks in refrigerant lines and properly recharge the system.
  • Sealed System Repairs – Repairing or replacing a compressor should only be done by certified technicians.
  • Electrical Issues – Leave complicated electrical problems like damaged wiring or main control board failures to the experts.

Don’t take risks trying to fix complex sealed system or electrical issues yourself. Hire a reputable appliance repair company for long-lasting professional repairs.

Restore Freezer Cooling with Troubleshooting

A non-freezing freezer puts food safety at risk and leads to costly appliance replacements. Don’t wait too long hoping the issue resolves itself. Investigate common causes and undertake DIY repairs when possible.

If freezer temperatures remain high after troubleshooting, bring in appliance pros to properly diagnose and fix the cooling failure. Follow these guidelines to restore freezing and salvage your frozen goods.

Kenmore Freezer Not Freezing

With some diligent troubleshooting and repairs, a Kenmore freezer that’s not freezing can often be fixed and restored to proper working order. Tackle minor issues like dirty condenser coils or a stuck thermostat yourself, but call in appliance professionals for repairs involving refrigerant leaks, sealed system components, or electrical problems.

Catching cooling failures quickly is key to saving your frozen foods. A bit of effort troubleshooting and repairing your non-freezing freezer can get it back to maintaining frosty temperatures and prevent costly appliance replacement.

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